Out of the Cradle is the joint ground for the different communities involved into methodological and practical research of the human position in outer space to intersect. The Out of the Cradle platform provides the context for understanding the role of humanities, natural sciences, arts and engineering through a unique programme with a selected topic.

• to provide an intellectual intersection between humanities, arts and natural sciences;
• to provide opportunities to promote and share methodology and experience;
• to integrate different methodology into mutual practice;
• to enable partnerships between involved communities;
• to develop a Cultural Space Programme;
• to enable research residencies or a think thank platform as a long-term partnership between KSEVT, academic institutions and scientific centers.

The established paradigm of Arts and Science research does not establish a clear methodological framework where artists and the humanities researchers could integrate their knowledge into scientific programmes on equal terms with scientific institutions. On the other hand, scientists generally can not expand their sphere of systematic approach by adopting more intuitive and creative methods without the risk of being seen as non-professionals outside their own field of research. The Composite Mission of Arts and Science research – basic activity of KSEVT – creates an open and neutral environment where all subjects involved in artistic and scientific disciplines could ultimately create a new model of research. This will benefit not only cultural or Arts organizations, but also scientific and academic institutions in Europe and worldwide.

The first aim of this project will be to access Arts and Science communities with the purpose of integrating their scientific and artistic research into a broader platform and create an extended understanding of space culturalization. Confrontations between scientists and artists will be organized in a larger framework, firstly through the main symposium and later on a smaller scale, where panels and roundtables will be organized to become an integral part of an exhibition, set up in collaboration with the local partners.

Conference participants will rethink the old and find new relevant models and systems of how to understand the complexity of cultural substance through a Composite Mission, through common grounds. This framework will grow with interventions of leading scholars, philosophers, scientists and artists in this field, they will open this spectrum of research to the wider public on conferences, with publications and exhibitions in different European countries.